Our Governing Body as of 2020




Chair of Governors/LA Appointed Mr Andrew Farina-Childs 30/11/17 29/11/21
Vice Chair of Governors/LA Appointed Mr John Richards 07/10/19 06/10/23
Headteacher Mrs Jane Wilkie 01/09/18
Community Representatives appointed by the GB Mrs Deborah Gronow 23/05/18 22/05/22
  Mr Nick Jones 07/10/16 06/10/20
Mr Guy Lacey 25/03/17 24/03/21
  Mrs Linda Price 08/10/16 07/10/20
Mrs Jayne Matthews 21/05/19 20/05/23
LA Representatives appointed by the LA Mr Christopher Hawker 16/05/19 15/05/23
CB Cllr Tom Williams 03/09/16 02/09/20
  Mrs Claire Barley 23/01/17 22/01/21
Parent-Elected Representatives Mr Tim Bennett 15/05/17 14/05/21
  Mrs Emma Chalk 26/10/17 25/10/21
  Mr Richard Gibbs 07/11/18 06/11/22
  Mr Gerwyn James 09/02/18 08/02/22
Mr Mark Watkins 07/11/18 06/11/22
Parent vacancy
Staff-Elected Representative Mr N Bracegirdle 27/11/19 26/11/23
Teacher-Elected Representative Ms E Plumley 02/03/18 01/03/22
Teacher-Elected Representative Mrs N Griffiths 01/09/17 31/08/21


All the above may be contacted via Blackwood Comprehensive School. Elections for Parent Governor appointments take place whenever vacancies arise.

  1. Governors Functions

The Governing Body meets regularly to consider issues underpinning the effective running of the school. Half-termly meetings are supplemented by regular meetings of sub committees covering issues such as:


  1. Finance and buildings
  2. Standards
  • Curriculum
  1. Staffing
  2. Appointments
  3. Pay Review
  • Performance Management


The Headteacher distributes a written report prior to each meeting for discussion and minutes of all meetings are available from the school.


Governors frequently participate in training and other seminars and courses and in the many functions organised by the school.  We are fortunate to have such a dedicated and committed group of Governors who take an active interest in all aspects of the life and work of the school.  Attendance at meetings is excellent.  Governors have not received travel or subsistence from the school’s budget share.


The most recent Estyn report states that the governing body provides effective oversight of the school’s work. Governors have a sound understanding of the school’s strengths and areas requiring improvement. They have secure knowledge of performance data and they use this appropriately to challenge the school to help bring about improvements. The governing body plays a suitable role in setting the strategic direction of the school and, through its useful range of sub-committees, monitors progress towards strategic priorities effectively.